Natural Ways To Cure Cancer

Natural Ways To Cure Cancer
Written by Carrie LeBlanc
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I have decided to do some research into natural ways to heal cancer. First I would suggest is to keep trusting God for healing. That’s the most important; and to never lose hope.

I was diagnosed on Christmas Eve of 2012 with stage 4 cancer and they gave me 2 months to live at the most. I was told to go home and get my things in order. God had other plans though. Even though I still have not been healed from it, my goal is to try to help others with it, as well as myself to live a better and more healthier life.

So here are some ways I’m learning to try to help fight it naturally.

1. Eat a lot of cruciferous vegetables. spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, and other leafy vegetables are a very important part of our diets.

2. Eat at least one-third of raw food. If you eat meat avoid charbroiling or frying it.

3. Add curcurmin and resveratrol to your diet.

4. Drink a variety of herbal teas. Especially ones with antioxidants like green tea, pomegranates, and berry flavors.

5. Get at least 6 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables a day.

6. Reduce or eliminate sugar, fructose, processed, and fast foods.

7. Try to get one gram of protein and fat. Try to eat more protein foods like organic eggs, high-quality meats, avocados, and coconut oil.

8. Avoid GMO’s; (Genetically engineered foods like pesticides and herbicides. Try to stay with organic grown vegetables or raised meat.

9. Try taking Omega-6 Krill Oil tablets.

10. Take probiotics to strengthen your immune system.

11. Start eating fermented food to start healing.

12. Start exercising to help fight the cancer cells. You should start doing balance, flexibility, and high intensity interval training.

13. Get appropriate amounts of sun exposure to give your body enough vitamin D.

14. Get enough sleep to help with melatonin. It will help in insulin resistance and weight management.

15. Stay away from household cleaners, toxic makeup, synthetic air freshener.

16. Limit your exposure to radiation caused by cell phones, towers, base stations, and Wi-Fi stations. Reduce medical scans, dental x-rays, CT scans, and mammograms.

17. Manage stress. Emotional problems can cause undue stress.

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