Two Ways To Save Money While Vacationing (Revised)-By: Carrie LeBlanc

       Here is the first part of my post’s on how to save money.

       Here are two great way’s to save money while vacationing, because while we all love to go on Vacation’s, it has gotten very expensive. I wrote this article because thing’s have gotten so expensive most families have had to stop taking Vacation’s. We all need a break. Everyone need’s to have time to get away, do something new, and just have fun. So here are two way’s to take a vacation with very little money.


       1. Go to a national park. You can rough it and use a tent, or rent a cabin. You can sit out and relax while watching nature. Go hiking along the trail’s and explore. There are all kind’s of thing’s to see while hiking. You can go swimming in a stream or a lake. Get a travel guide and check out many of the thing’s there are to do.


       2. Take a Staycation. This is taking a vacation while being at home. Don’t do any work. Free yourself from all obligation’s. Stay away from doing the thing’s you normally do. Don’t go to the same restaurant’s or fast food place’s. Try going out somewhere nice where you have to get dressed up; whether it be going out dancing, to a nice restaurant, etc… Go window shopping at  a store you have never gone to before. Or check out historical site’s in and around your town. These are just some of the many way’s to try new thing’s while you’re having your staycation.


    3. Go to the movie’s during the daytime. It’s cheaper during the day, (and less crowded too depending on what day you go on). I used to take my own candy and soda’s, but since theater’s don’t allow it, it’s probably better to buy a couple of thing’s you want the most. Try not to spend too much money while at the movie’s, and don’t get in the habit of going all of the time. That can get expensive really fast.


       While there will be time’s you will need to stay home and relax during your staycation.. Don’t stay in the house too long, because you will end up going back to doing the same thing’s, and then you will ruin your staycation.

These are just two great way’s on how to save money while vacationing. I will have a new article on way’s to save money soon.

Researched on: 925 Way’s To Help You Save Money, Get Out Of Debt, And Retire A Millionaire.


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