Co Signing (Revised)-By: Carrie LeBlanc

       Another step to financial freedom is to never co sign for someone. I don’t care who it’s for-kid’s, parents, anyone. It can ruin your relationship, get you quickly into debt, and cause a lot of resentment between the two involved. I’m not only speaking from experience, but more importantly, even God tell’s us not to take on another man’s debt. I made the mistake of co signing for a relative. I had really great credit. This person got in over their head and couldn’t make the payment’s. I ended up trying to help this person by putting my bill’s off and trying to help her with hers. Between trying to pay both of our bill’s, I quickly went from having great credit, to my credit score being in the 500’s and having to go bankrupt. It also brought a lot of tension and resentment on our relationship. I’m not saying don’t help people. I’m saying make sure you have the money to help once in awhile, but don’t take on their debt.


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