Going On A Service Vacation By: Carrie LeBlanc


By: Carrie LeBlanc
Researched on: 925 Idea’s; to help you save money, get out of debt, and retire a millionaire- By: Devin D. Thorpe

A service vacation is a great way to see the world. Here are some ideas to get ready for your trip:

Figure out your budget before you leave. Before you go on any kind of trip, you need to sit down and figure out if you have enough money to go. These service trips can cost at least $5,000 per person, if going international. These kinds of trips tend to change the lives of everyone involved. If you can’t afford to go internationally, there are a lot of things close to home you can do.

Some of the websites to check out are; Projects Abroad, and UBELONG for international trips. Or you can plan your own trip. It will be important to include the whole family in the trip. That way everyone can decide on something fun. This will also help teach your children about helping and giving back to others. Have everyone in the family write about and take pictures of the trip.
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