Scribbled Thought’s: A Scary Short Story Part Two By: Carrie LeBlanc

Here is part two of my stories. Will have a part three soon.



After we had died, somehow we reawakened, but yet, we were not ourselves.

We were like hideous monster’s, Thirsting for blood. We have now turned half human but with the ability to change into wolves. When we would turn into wolves, we could not feel any pain. Every time we thirsted and would bite a person they too would become one of us.

Tonight happens to be a full moon and we are getting hungry. We start shape shifting into wolves and head down to the village. It is dark and people are asleep, which gives us an advantage.

We gathered in a pack, terrorizing the villager’s and livestock. Going from house to house feasting on anything that was still alive.

Now it’s time to rest… Until next time.

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