The Enchanted Forest Part 1 By: Carrie LeBlanc


As I walked into the forest, I didn’t realize I was walking into a magical land, and soon would become part of it. It was completely enchanted.

At first I was walking through a forest of trees, trails, and scurrying wildlife. As I got to the end of one trail a tiny, little curious squirrel dressed in black pants and white shirt went scurrying along past me.

I got curious as to where he was going so I decided to follow him. I could tell he was upset. We followed the trail to a grove of trees by a lake.

He went into a hole in one of the trees, so I decided to look around. I saw some pretty light pink bell flowers. I picked one to smell it and fell into a deep sleep on top of a warm patch of grass under some trees.

When I woke up, I went to wash my face in the lake, when I noticed I no longer looked the same. I had beautiful dark hair, a pink beautiful dress, and large green wings. I had gotten shorter. I have now become a fairy.

I heard arguing coming from the hole in the tree where the squirrel had gone into, so I flew up and sat on the limb of a tree. The squirrel and a tiny little black mouse came out arguing about how to get help to defeat the evil warlock.

As they were walking away, a tiny little Gnome crawled out of a hole close to the lake. As he crawled out I sneezed. He looked at me with a frightened look and started to run into the forest. I decided to follow him.

I kept calling for him to wait and not be afraid, but he kept running. We went up a hill through a grove of trees and entered a beautiful meadow with a castle.

The meadow was filled with flowers and the castle was a glowing soft pink. It made me feel safe just looking at it. I started walking through the meadow when I noticed a horrible stench all of a sudden. I started to feel lightheaded and all of the castle started turning black. The sky got dark and the trees started wilting. I could see now that the first image was just a mirage to trick me. I started to become very frightened; I was now starting to hear howling noises from all around me. I couldn’t handle anymore. The darkness was now taking over and I soon fainted from fear.
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