Scribbled Thoughts A Scary Short Story Part 3 by Carrie LeBlanc


By: Carrie LeBlanc

This is the last of this series.

Two years later, on a moonlit night, we start waking up, hungry again. As we start shapeshifting, we gather in a pack to go hunt.

When we were all together, we ran down the mountain towards the town with unbelievable speed.

As we were getting near the town, I started to get a weird feeling, telling me something wasn’t right. We ran towards the gate to get into the town, when we noticed two mighty warrior angels standing in front of the gate wielding swords.

We stopped in our tracks, our fur pricking up, getting ready to go into battle. As we started growling, about to attack, a man with soft gentle eyes stood there. He had a radiant glow about Him. We were standing there staring at Him, still growling, He started speaking. He said, “Be still. He started telling us how He had died for our sins, and we were forgiven, and could be changed back. As He was talking, the fur started falling off, and our bodies were changing into the way they had been before dying. He helped us pray, having us ask Him into our lives. We also had asked for forgiveness for our sins, promising to try to sin no more, and to love God and everyone with all of our hearts.

After we had prayed, we looked up, and He and the angels were gone. We felt complete peace come over us, and knew our lives would never be the same again. We were now renewed.
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