Despair by Carrie LeBlanc


Being held captive,
I’m a prisoner of despair.
Never going anywhere,
Just stuck,
Spiraling to nothingness.
Slowly losing my mind,
To this slow, painful death.
Wondering when death will take it’s toll,
Or if I’ll be spiraling out of control forever.
The pain, sickness, and misery,
Slowly creeps it’s way through my body,
Until it completely takes over,
And I have nothing to fight for.

This is about cancer, life, and being alone. When you get sick, people will talk to you, but you slowly become like the plague. Nobody wants to be around you. It’s the most horrible feeling in the world. Waking up every morning wondering if this is your last day or not. Millions of people go through this. This is not just me being drama. You can never understand until you have actually been there. This is a part of cancer and the life of having it.


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