Bonding to new born babies

Great write! So much truth. Very important subject.

Health from one Heart to Another

A mother is born when her first child has arrived. The American Psychologist Daniel Stern has said something like that.

The strong and good feelings for the child comes sometimes quickly and at times slowly.

Baby’s need for sleep is very big. About 15-18 hours per 24 hours the first month. That means you are not “on” all the time. More on this subject later.

You can do things yourself, which help the bonding process.

  • Put the baby directly on your bare chest. If the room is warm the little one could wear a diaper or a convenience cloth.  This kind of skin to skin contact calms down the new born baby and helps him to adjust to the new life.
  • Speak gently and describe what you see and sense about  baby’s needs. When ever he needs to be breast fed let him have free admittance. By watching you will…

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