Good or bad and Happy or sad

Great write! Very true!

Lola Writes

Is it work? School? Money?

What’s got your focus? Attention and time?

Are they worthy? Are they good?

Do they make you happy? These activities!!!

Do you live a good life?

Death is so crazy

Just comes and goes

Puts things in perspective right?

See i’ve decided

Only good and happy matters

Everything else you will leave here on earth

Do you love a boy or girl?

Make sure they’re worth the trouble, the pain and tears that come with loving someone

Do you work?

Make sure it makes you happy somehow, make sure it’s helping you accomplish something and it serving a good purpose

Make sure it’s respectable

What’s contained in your 24 hours?

Is it rewarding? Is it good?

These meaningless activities that never contribute anything to your life

This is the one life you have

Live it good

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