Maseno university holds Mr&Miss.Maseno 2015

Sounds like it was fun.


The highly anticipated Mr. & Miss Maseno2015/2016 beauty pageant was held on 14th march 2015 at the graduation square grounds .The event which was thronged by thousands of students within and other universities around, attracted several artistes across the country. It was an action packed day that saw many beauty pageants showcase their talents by graceful walking, parading on various outfits such as casual attire, elegant gowns and traditional and later acumen to the judges and the audience.
The event gave a chance to other students displaying their talents, creativity and entertainment. Gombolela band, Maseno upcoming artistes brought down the house by their creativity. Veteran dancing crew, female artists were not left behind in their dancing techniques which left the crowds craving for more. The flexors were up to display their packs and body building aspects.
Renowned artists were also present to culminate the concert. Performers such as Marya, a…

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