Ever Visited the parliament?check this out.

I agree. This is so important. Everyone should also check out this blog. Some really important issues. A very great writer.


A visit to the parliament.
I always saw it in TV, newspapers and books. The house of research where law students go and learn how laws are enacted. The augurs’ house. A house where news laws are made, passed ,changed and repealed and the place where views and wishes of the citizens are articulated and represented and finally monitoring governance activities of a nation by the executive for accountability.
I finally got the opportunity to visit our parliament. A well-guarded and respected place. A place where even the president sits and listens to the debates as issues unfold and are taken care of.
Debates arise as a result of complaints from citizens about an issue, an incident affecting Kenyans at large, a constitutional act that deems unfit to the mass among others. They are tabled and passed by the house for discussions.
However, the voting issue is what disturbed me…

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