Gun Control and the State of Our Nation

Totally agree with this


epic-parenting-fail-girls-gunsIf you scan the news, even briefly, it’s hard to miss the spree of killings lately. It seems that every other day, our kids are getting killed, or some “quiet neighbor” snapped and shot up a mall. These recent events have once again cast to the forefront, the always passionate issue of gun control. I would like honesty for once, to lead this discussion.

On the one hand, you have the left’s argument that quite simply, there are too many guns with too many people having access to them. The right of course counters by stating criminals would find a way to get guns anyway. The left could then argue that a number of killings are accidental, unplanned, or are made by people who are stressed or emotionally volatile but not per se criminals and tighter access would prevent this. The two sides could go back and forth as they…

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