NuMe Hair Curling Wand

Awesome! Must get!



A product that I had been dying to try was a NuMe curling wand. Previously I was using my straightener to curl my hair but noticed that my curls wouldnt hold for very long. I had super thick hair, and a lot of hair so it would take me forever to go through every piece of my hair and made sure it was all curled.

When I initially did research on the product I saw that there was a ton of promo codes online that you could use, depending what wand you choose. There are a ton of different types such as how big you want your curls, different metals used for the barrel (the part you curl your hair on) as well as ones that come with more than one barrel. Most promo codes used for the NuMe wands is a code to get the wand for $29.99 but…

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