Inspirational Post-Day 4


Taken from the book Happiness 365
One – a – day Inspirational quotes for a happier you

Day 4

We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.

Frederick Keonig

God also tells us to appreciate what we have and to be thankful in every circumstance.

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9 thoughts on “Inspirational Post-Day 4

      • prior says:

        oh nooooo not at all – and it did not make me that sad – and actually it was a rich sad (if that makes sense) – but seriously, a blog is a perfect place for a little reminder like this my friend. Also, it could prep vide comfort to those who have lost loved ones…
        because do you know one of the best parts of this little quote…. well it is puts the emphasis on Divine appointment for our lives – and the Bible is clear that the day of death is appointed and well, as you know – this is not our real home here anyway – we are on a journey and one day – He is going to embrace us in His arms and say “welcome home” – and in the meantime we enjoy who he allows to cross our paths – for their appointed time as well….
        have a great day – and how cool of you to even think about tweaking posts because you do not want to make folks sad – what a sweet heart you have! ❤


      • prior says:

        well you said you were just waking up – so I was not sure if it was morning for you –
        but good afternoon and actually it is 5:30 here… so let’s throw in good night too – ha!

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